Mark Your Calendars for 2024!

2024 Show Dates: Thursday, November 21st - Sunday November 24th


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Is there a special ticket required for Girls Night Out or Saturday Night Out?
No.  A regular admission tickets will get you in to any of our themed nights. 

Are there multiple day tickets?

Yes. A multi-day pass for access on all 4 days may be purchased for $32. This ticket is only valid for the purchaser.  Multi-day tickets can only be picked up at the Lower Level entrance Will-Call located off 110th street. Ticket purchaser must be present and show ID each day they get a ticket, only one ticker per multi-day pass will be issued each day. 

I've already been to the show this year and would like to return a product.  Do I have to pay again?

No.  When you get to the show, enter on the lower level and check in at will-call with the product you would like to return.  One ticket will be provided to the individual returning the product.

Any tips for parking?
The biggest tip is to arrive early. Our lower level booths open at 9 am giving you a chance to shop before the upper level opens at 10 am.  There will be shuttles running from the remote parking lots located on the south side of College Ave starting at 5:30 pm on Thursday night  and run the duration of the show. Also, try coming during our slower times, Thursday evening or Sunday afternoon. 

Can I drop people off at the door?

Yes.  You can drop off at either the circle drive on College Ave (upper level) or the south side of the building off 110th St (lower level).  Will-call is located on the lower level.  If dropped off on the upper level be sure to have a ticket it hand.  Tickets will be available to purchase at both entrances.

Is the show handicap-accessible?
Yes.  Standard size non-motorized wheelchairs are also available on a first come basis.  They are located at will-call  near the lower level entrance off 110th St. 

How long does it take to see the show?

The show covers both levels of the Overland Park Convention Center.  It can take 3 to 4 hours to see the entire show.  If you prefer to visit the show during non-peak hours, we recommend coming during the evening hours on Thursday, Saturday, or Sunday.

Are there places to rest?

Yes.  There are two Shoppers Lounges on the upper level, the Cyber Cafe on the upper level, seating down the Main Aisle in the Exhibit Hall, and seating near the Concessions. 

Is there a private area for nursing mothers?

Yes.  Please check in at the show office located behind the Shopper's Lounger in the SE corner of the upper level for access to the Mother's Room. 

Can I bring my own food into the show?
No. Food and drink will be available during show hours at the Cyber Cafe, both Shoppers Lounges, and Concessions in the Exhibit Hall

Is there a place to check my coat or packages?

Yes.  Both are located at the top of the escalators next to the elevator on the upper level. 

Are shopping carts, wagons, and strollers permitted?

Small pull-behind or push carts are permitted.  Grocery-size carts and wagons are NOT permitted. Strollers are permitted.

Are shopping carts or strollers available to rent?

No.  Large shopping bags are available for purchase benefiting the Johnson County Christmas Bureau.  There will be locations both on the lower and upper level. 

Can I bring a pet?

No. Only properly identified service animals will be permitted at the show.

I'm looking for a specific vendor. How do I know if they will be at the show?

Click Here  to search our vendor list by name or category.

Is there a way to reach a vendor I saw at the show? 
Yes. You may request more information via their online exhibitor listing.
Click Here  to search our exhibitor list by name or category.

Do the bars and concessions at the Overland Park Convention Center take cash?  
No, all the bars and concessions at the Overland Park Convention Center are cashless and only take credit or debit cards.

Are there any hotel discounts at area hotels?

Yes.  We have negotiated discounted rates at the following hotels:

Information Coming Soon.

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