The Confetti Closet

The Confetti Closet
3224 N 124th Street W
Wichita KS
Booth: 609

Company Description:

My name is Brooke Bulloch, I'm 25 years old and I recently graduated with my degrees in accounting and finance with a Masters in accounting from Kansas State University! I started Confetti Closet because I wanted to help other women feel confident in outfits that bring them out of their comfort zoes. I think it is so important to love and be excited about the clothes that are in your closet. I knew I wanted these clothes to be unique, fun, & colorful (but trust me, I still love black & neutral colors too!) With these things in mind, I came up with the name Confetti Closet. This boutique is something I am so so passionate about and I really hope you love these clothes as much as I do!

New Products

We carry all kinds of products from everyday wear, to in-the-office outfits, gameday looks, and everything in between! Some of our newer most popular products include Kansas State, Kansas, and Chiefs apparel as well as gameday purses and bag straps!

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