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Reed's Dressing
Oklahoma City OK
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Company Description:

In 1971 "Big Fred" Reed created a condiment for his steak house as a marinade and as the “house” salad dressing. Lo' and behold, it was a huge hit with all the locals.

After several years of the happiest marriage, Big Fred's wife Margie was diagnosed with breast cancer. Due to the need for a flexible schedule in order to travel with Margie for chemo treatments, Big Fred made the decision to sell his restaurant in Borger, Texas and started making Reed's Italian Dressing full-time.

In 2004, the breast cancer got the best of her and dear Margie passed away. To make her proud, Big Fred was determined to make Reed's Italian Dressing a household name. Alone, he journeyed to state fairs and craft shows all across OK, TX, NB, KS, NM, and CO to share his dressing with the world. Pretty soon, he was stocked in over 1200 grocery stores across the states. Everywhere he went, everyone loved Big Fred and Big Fred loved them. So Reed's Italian Dressing was Big Fred's adventure. His legacy.

Sadly, in November 2020, Big Fred passed away due to COVID-19. Many hearts were broken by this news of the loss of Big Fred. Many also were sad they would no longer be able to get his dressing.

To carry on his legacy, his daughter Leslie and her husband John decided they would forego their home remodeling business and take over the family business so that Big Fred's name could live on one bottle at a time.

Every bottle of Reed's Italian dressing is carefully mixed, poured, and sealed with love and care. To preserve its originality, the production has stayed in Borger, Texas and is packaged and mailed from our warehouse in Oklahoma. Though no longer found in the same grocery stores, Reed's Italian dressing can be found at local small businesses, at craft shows, state fairs, and here online sold by a 3 pack, 6 pack, 12 pack and gallons.

The thing about Reed's Italian Dressing is that it's not just for salads! Follow us on FB and Instagram for fun recipes with Reed's and thank you for taking the time to learn about us.

New Products

Gift Bundles that include our delicious dressing, fun pasta, special Kenyan spoons, and festive packaging. Perfect for any occasion!

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