Pickens Sweet Treats

Pickens Sweet Treats
201 N Forest Avenue
Independence MO
Booth: 724

Company Description:

Pickens Sweet Treats specializes in Toffee, Fudge, Chocolate Dipped and Covered Treats, and Gift Baskets and Boxes. Each of our delicious sweet treats are handcrafted in Kansas City with the highest quality ingredients. Our Signature Toffee line features California Cashew Toffee, Traditional English, Peanut Crunch and Milk Chocolate Toffee. Our buttery toffees are boiled to a specific temperature creating the perfect crunch and a toffee that doesn't stick to your teeth. Our Gourmet Fudge is stirred by hand in small batches creating the smoothest and creamiest fudge you will ever have. Our Signature Flavors include Missouri Mud (layers of chocolate and peanut butter fudge with ribbons of caramel in the center and topped off with drizzles of caramel and crushed peanuts) and Cocoa Coffee (rich dark chocolate fudge combined with real coffee) . Our beautiful Gift Baskets for all occasions will surprise and delight any recipient. Each Gift Basket is overflowing with delicious Sweet Treats.

New Products

Back by popular demand Peanut Crunch Toffee. This Toffee is made with out silky smooth milk chocolate and sea salted peanuts.

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