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Company Description:

My name is Danielle Springall and I’m the owner of HonoluLips by Danielle Springall. I have the best skincare and cosmetics in the world made by SeneGence International. I have been in business for 61/2 years now and I LOVE IT. There is nothing better than helping women feel beautiful and confident in their skin, and I cannot wait to help you find what you're looking for!

Whether you are a dedicated makeup and skincare junkie, new to the whole process, or just needing a quick routine to keep you looking put together and your skin looking great; I've got something just for you! The SeneGence skincare lines are customized to meet the needs of all skin types, all day long. Our creamy cosmetics are super long-lasting and all of them contain anti-aging skincare, making them even more incredible! Our premier product, Lipsense, lasts 4-18 hours with just one application, and with over 100 shades this lippy will have you looking good all day, every day!

SeneGence has amassed millions of dollars in sales and has become a recognized international leader in the cosmetics industry. The company is on the cutting edge of anti-aging and long-lasting color technology with its original, patented, and proprietary product formulations. SeneGence continues to utilize its innovative ingredients and technologies for further development of new and exciting products for Distributors to sell.

SeneGence was built on a platform of support for the environment and respect for the global community. Environmentally conscious practices include use of nature-based ingredients, refraining from animal testing, and omitting unnecessary external product packaging. Additionally, products are formulated with no animal by-products, follow FDA regulations, and made in the United States to ensure strict quality control. Additionally, SeneGence's non-profit organization, the Make Sense Foundation®, regularly raises and contributes funds for women and children in need.

New Products

Beauty advent calendars are back with the new 8 Days of Beauty mini cosmetics collection!! You won’t want to miss out on these calendar exclusive shades.

Certifications & Awards

Certified Seneblends Makeup Artist since 2019

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