Green Bee Tea Towels

Green Bee Tea Towels
Raytown MO

Company Description:

Rena Krouse is the founder, owner and director of design at Green Bee Tea Towels. She started her maker journey selling vintage home goods and accessories, but she quickly realized she needed to find a more creative outlet. That’s when she was stung by the creative bee!

Rena started screen-printing her first designs in 2015 and draws inspiration from vintage, botanical and natural images. Since that first line of cotton Pyrex-inspired tea towels, Rena’s creativity has flourished and the company’s designs have expanded dramatically. They are now appreciated by the Kansas City maker community, as well as customers in all 50 states. Rena travels all over the country with her tea towels, and loves meeting new customers and discovering new landscapes.

She and her team strive to create products that are not only beautiful and fun, but also functional and durable. The company now employs two talented and dedicated team members:


Five Year Exhibitor